Why Do You Self-Sabotage Yourself? The Wounded Healer

How Your Psychological Complexes Sabotage You and your highest ambitions

Understanding the Wounded Healer Archetype

A lot of people who have wounds seek to become healers and of course seek to heal themselves, but a lot of us, fail to actually heal ourselves in the long run and long term basis.

The concept is around the vibration that we carry and the fear that we have once we leave the miserable vibration behind. We become set in our ways to being in relationships in the matrix caught in our relationships with our families, extended families, friends and loved ones. When our vibration changes, we are catapulted literally to an entirely new arena of living, within an entirely different matrix, surrounded by a new group of people to relate to, with the new vibration we carry.

This causes us to fear the unknown but most importantly, grieve the loss of old friendships that we had to leave behind in order to spiritually grow, and in order to raise our vibration.

We grieve the past relationships but also, those people feel hurt and left behind, and send contaminated energy of hatred, jealousy, and revenge in energetic channels that leads directly to us, the wounded healer.

When this happens, we can feel the continuous pull and tug of war, the energetic cord that connects us to loved ones that we have ‘left behind,’ so to speak, in the sense that we had raised on vibration and they hadn’t.

This leads to incomplete and unresolved relationships and also resentment on the parties that feel left behind.

When this happens, it can occur in dreams and in the subconscious mind of the wounded healer, and the wounded healer literally feels a nagging feeling within his or her heart and solar plexus, that something is left unresolved.

This is why in the new day and age, as we approach the year 2020, literally, nobody can be left behind. All souls must make the transition forward and do the shadow work, heal their inner wounds, and forgive fully. If they are not able to do this, they drag everyone down with them.

This is what we call, ‘misery loves the company of the miserable.’ If you come from a family and a background in which negativity, hatred, jealousy, and poverty consciousness reigns supreme, you can bet that even if you embark on a ten year journey towards healing yourself, that somewhere in the depths of your being, you will never truly feel, healed.

This is because you are connected to your family, friends and those in your past. There is no such thing as burning bridges, there is only such a thing as putting up a door. And this door, leads to both parties’ eventual downfall in never being able to push forward to true healing.

A lot of us like to say that in our ten year reunion, we’d like to be the one who ‘made it’ and came out on top, but the problem with this type of thinking is that if you think this way, it’s guaranteed that you will be drowning in the cesspool of low vibrations for an eternal boundless-frame.

This is why, truly, until every single, last soul is liberated, that none of us are truly liberated, none of us are truly free. We are all (fortunately or unfortunately, depends on the way you perceive it), energetically connected, interconnected, and essentially one united spirit and soul.