Winds of Transformation: New Moon in Scorpio Oct 30 2016

Here is the latest on the new moon.

I have not had time to write about the details, but have shared a 20 minute video describing the energies to explore tomorrow on the new moon.

On this new moon day, sit for 5 minutes and tune into yourself.

Ask yourself how your body feels, and just sit and observe any sensations in your body.

As you listen to the video, I walk you through step by step one way to observe the energies during the new moon.

The information that astrologer shares is scientific in the sense that the story is the same for each myth and Deity in each constellation and star in the sky, and yet at the same time the information shared is simultaneously subjective to the sharer’s experience, perspective and own relationship with each zodiac sign.

Because of this, it helps to review all the different perspectives and sharings on the new moon and then to come to your own conclusion as to what the planetary energies mean to you, as we are each affected slightly differently by the energies.

Some of us feel more connected to certain aspects, and some of us do not feel a thing. The experience is up to you to explore; I am just here to share objective stories and subjective interpretations of these ‘realities.’


Tuning into the new moon day initially, I am already feeling the ‘low energy’ that is to be expected on a new moon day, however, this particular new moon day has been the ‘eeriest’ and quietest new moon experience of the year.

Also would like to add with the Neptune in Pisces aspect, that Neptune in Pisces tends towards escapism, and some of you may be feeling either really dreamy and excited from this fantasy state especially on Halloween weekend, or some of you may be feeling disconnected from reality and wanting to escape into your own subjective world.

In either case, there is no right or wrong answer, but there is certainty of one thing. And this is, that there will be fruition, karma, and harvest of all the thoughts and actions taken during this time in the future.