New Moon November 2016

What it means: Let Go, Surrender, Find Closure

What to Release: Psychological Complex, Memories

Action Steps (3 days to the evening before the New Moon): Clear the Clutter, Donate to local shelter, Tithing at one-off causes, Rest, Relax

Action Steps (the day of and 3 days after NM): Meditate, Set Intentions

The moon cycle waned until 6:15 am CST, where it conjunct the sun momentarily, leaving an open space of time in which endings meets beginnings.

The last three days I have cleansed, trashed (responsibly), purged and gave away items that I felt were holding me back from breathing steadily today. For the first several hours of the day I felt a coolness in my energy, that feeling you get after you take a shower and are completely clean.

The days before the new moon:
I went through old journals from 2012, 2013, and 2014. I read through a lot of them, a lot of memories came flooding back.  I realized I had been holding on to certain things by merely keeping old items around the house.

I finally felt a sense of peace with so much that has occurred in the past few years. I’d say the past few years have been the hardest. Having lost my health, old friends and old ‘ego’ self, and having emerged as a spiritual baby, uncertain and uncategoriz-able, it’s been a rough ride but I’ve grown so much in inner strength because of it.

The process of catharsis is so sacred to me and I highly recommend you to do the same each cycle. The three days leading up to the new moon is the ideal time to reflect, reassess, pull out old journals, and see how the emotions and thoughts feel to you. You will then know if you’ve fully processed the life lesson, and are truly able to forgive it and let it go.

This is a very open discussion on my innermost life, but as it’s now a new moon day waxing into a crescent moon, I intuitively feel it is time to begin and allow this discussion on revealing my innermost thoughts and experiences with you, since you are here!

Obviously you are resonating with the words on these pages otherwise you would not be here.

So, on the new moon, I set the intention to fully share all the thoughts and messages I receive moving forward with all of you. To share of my intuitions and experiences, so you can relate to them on a more personal level, rather than purely intellectual.

I have also redefined the message that I would like to share with all of you, which is, “finding liberation, your path, through the path of the spades.” I will write more and include a new category on my blog writing more about that so you can discover what the message means exactly. But for now that is all I’ll leave you with.

On this new moon, on Tuesday, the day ruled by Mars, Mars currently in Aquarius, new moon in fiery Sagittarius, trine with Jupiter in Libra, we’ve got two air signs and one fire sign, with Jupiter, an akashic, ethereal essence and Mars, a fiery, warrior being. Just through reading this you can get a feel for the energy that we are experiencing on this new moon day.

The moon is now waxing and the next few days are the ideal days to plan and create new drafts for upcoming projects you’d like to try on for size.

By Saturday, it’s a good day to announce our intentions by writing them down or sharing with others. By next Monday, it’s a good time to get to work.

So enjoy the next few days in the fiery sky, highly idealizing and philosophizing, dreaming up a better version of you and your world.