New Moon in Virgo – September 2017

New Moon in Uttaraphalguni 03:18:52 Virgo Themes for the Upcoming Year from the Seed of Aryaman September 20, 2017 Time of: Glamour, Illusion, Magic, Fame, and the False Teachers God of Aryaman, manifestation of the Sun God, the Cosmic Father The blessings of Spiritual Wealth Tree: Rose Laurel Beej Mantra: Om Chham; Om Im Vedic…

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Underlying Communicative Fears, Compensation and Decompensation

Underlying Communicative Fears are fears that a person experiences based on childhood and young adult traumatic experiences in addition to specific family lineage, ancestral, and historic fears passed down generation to generation. When a person is paralyzed or struck by fear, the initial reaction is to compensate by acting in a manner opposite to the…

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Protected: Virgo Season: Mercury

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump Lagna – Magha 6 degrees Leo 59’, pada 3 (sampat, 2nd tara) Trump find’s a King’s self-assurance and confidence in himself thanks to his lagna and first house residing in Magha, coupled with Mars also in Magha with some strength. This makes him feel like royalty in the most superficial sense. Presenting himself…

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Wilderness Walk + Starry Sky

2 Corinthians 5:7 for we walk by faith, not by sight For those of you whom felt at a young age that there was a light within you, around you, and through you, take refuge! For God has not forsaken you, he has stepped aside at the point when He felt you were ready to…

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Astrology is for This, Not for That

Astrology. Some people hate it, some people love it. Some fear it, some laugh at it. As a lifelong student of astrology, I can say there are two types of questions in the world: The first question is one that stems from victim consciousness. This is the question that people ask whether they will die in…

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‘Rewards’ and Training our Neurons and Behavioral Patterns

I came across a question today. The question was, “Do you feel tempted to reward yourself with food after exercising or doing something good for body?” My response to this is absolutely never. That thought has never crossed my mind, which is why I do not have issues with food. That train of thought is…

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Can You See Yourself?

Can you see yourself? If I asked you to be video-recorded for a week,  24/7 from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep, and you agreed, what do you think your reaction will be when you watch a rerun of it? Most of us cannot see ourselves. That is why our…

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Comparing yourself to others

Recently, I participated in a group healing circle…and my sharing is below from my awakenings: The ability to get along with others stems from our ability to be whole within ourselves. How can we all see the beauty in others without comparison? I am the middle child of two sisters, and I have had to…

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Why Do We Experience Pain?

Why Do We Experience Pain? My maternal grandmother is from the WWII generation. She is Spanish, German and of Filipino descent. She currently is in hospice for internal bleeding. Internal bleeding is a result of suppressed emotions. It got me asking the question..why did humans need to experience pain? I understand it is so that…

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