Becoming Energy Sensitive

How to become energy sensitive….hmm….now why would anyone want to do that? We hear horror stories about people who are sensitive to energy lose their minds, get sick and pick up all kinds of diseases, and at best feel constantly drained from their surrounding environments. So what would motivate you to become more sensitive to…

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Storytime of the Sun, the Moon and the Planets

Sun is the King who birthed, or rather created all subsequent Kings. He is the father of Moon, Mars and Mercury. From him, subsequent births came to fruition. The feminine Moon is also male, who gives the soma of life, the nourishment of life. The moon is quite amorous, has 27 wives, and he favors Rohini. Daksha cursed…

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The Value of Commitment and Focus

This idea that paying more upfront is a very scary idea to most people. And the reason why? Commitment. Or lack therefore, that is.  Coaching is Transformative. I love addressing my client’s hard questions with taking a look at the map of their life and discovering who they are from a blueprint level. Addressing life’s…

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Why Do You Self-Sabotage Yourself? The Wounded Healer

How Your Psychological Complexes Sabotage You and your highest ambitions Understanding the Wounded Healer Archetype A lot of people who have wounds seek to become healers and of course seek to heal themselves, but a lot of us, fail to actually heal ourselves in the long run and long term basis. The concept is around the vibration…

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The Last New Moon in 2016

It’s that time of month again, friends, that is, the time of the new moon! The new moon is in Capricorn and is bringing about the feeling and drive for structuring and sheathing the ideas that have been floating in our minds all of December. Capricorn-heavy people know how to get the job done, and…

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365 Days of Christ – Day 1

365 Days of Christ Welcome to connecting to the Christ Consciousness within you. I hope these posts to be punctual and straightforward with one message that will connect you to who Christ really is. Day 1 It’s hard to connect to Christ. We don’t even know if we should believe in it. We don’t understand…

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New Moon November 2016

What it means: Let Go, Surrender, Find Closure What to Release: Psychological Complex, Memories Action Steps (3 days to the evening before the New Moon): Clear the Clutter, Donate to local shelter, Tithing at one-off causes, Rest, Relax Action Steps (the day of and 3 days after NM): Meditate, Set Intentions The moon cycle waned…

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Dark side of Nationalism

The Dark Side of Nationalism Although this post was posted on November 21, 2016, it was written in the Summer of 2015. As the intuitive age is dawning, the information age is now in its mature years. So what has the information age done for us? The information age has: +expanded our awareness from local…

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Protected: Astro BuJo Planner – Astrology Bullet Journaling

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Supermoon in Taurus

Supermoon, full moon, exalted in Taurus. Funny that this all happens simultaneously at the time when the media and majority of persons are finding themselves extremely polarized. Left, Right, Black, White. Hatred has bubbled slowly under the surface and now we see the cauldron spewing over as the result of months, years of undiscussed matter.…

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