Bringing back human activity to their natural rhythmic cycle.

News to Bring You Closer to Truth,

Becoming Oneself

Finding a service and making service a natural expression.

Purifying persons from illusions and glamour and

Connecting themselves to the light of their inner core.

To expand our consciousness to Infinity.

Conquering space and time

Not as a dictator

But as a well-deserved master.

To build bridges between the inner worlds and the outer.

To unfold as the lotus flower, in a process of becoming.

This mastery is liberation.

  • q-iconWhy should I care?

    Using the knowledge and wisdom gained from the study of Astrology, we can determine the Universal Laws and Principles that Govern the 3D existence within our Solar System, the Laws that allow us to live in free will up to an extent, however governs the karmic debt that we build up when we choose to follow the Soul’s Destiny (our soul’s choice) of our Astrological ‘makeup.’

  • q-iconWhat can this do for me?

    Astrology shines the light on what each individual’s Soul’s Destiny and Path is, making it easier for us to accept the challenges we face (Saturn Return), the soul urge/life path / destiny we chose for ourselves (N. Node, Fortune Wheel, Vx), and to understand our strengths and weaknesses and energetic tendencies (planetary positions within which house and which zodiac/constellation sign).

  • q-iconWhat will I learn here?

    We translate the complex languages into simpler ideas that you can grasp. You will learn all about how to build the mechanisms needed within yourself to properly attain expanded consciousness, greater clarity, and emotional stability to grow and evolve.

  • q-iconWhy SC?

    Most leaders end up bringing you to their personality. SC is a service where we teach you simply how to build your own bridges towards expansion yourself, and we never direct you to any personalities. I see in organizations that the people get stuck ‘idolizing’ the leader, and this is a trap. Essentially, these leaders promise if you follow them, they will deliver you to enlightenment and liberation. It is Universal Law that this is a false lie and in truth will never happen. The reason is because…well take the following example:


You are flown in a helicopter to the top of Mt. Everest. You have a higher consciousness, a greater sense of expansion. Now compare drugs, or a leader to this helicopter, that takes you out of your small filtered perception, and brings you to a heightened level of awareness.

The problem is that, because you did not climb Mt. Everest yourself, you as a person are not strong enough to handle the level of altitude. You soon fall down the mountain. You do not have/have not developed the inner strength to withstand the height.

By building your own mechanism and experiencing the struggles yourself on the path towards liberation and higher creative states, you must be the one to lift yourself.

SC serves as information to give you insight as to how to climb the mountain yourself, supporting you in your journey towards inner strength.

Insights and glances at the energies as they are happening in real time. Outdated structures are disintegrating, making it important to change, transform and evolve our inner structures and outer.


Starry Consciousness was developed in response to the recent necessity with unlocking the human's unlimited potential. In today's Rahu state of high technology, humans are being called to adapt to the increasing frequencies of earth as well as keep up with technology, to be smarter than the machines we create.

It was developed to serve humans to introduce the fundamentals, and unlock the secrets and the truth about the path towards expansion and limitlessness. It is a complete and practical program tailored to where one are at in the stage in one's life.

With Starry Consciousness one can expect:

  • An evaluation to your current state of wellbeing and health, and where you want to go
  • Targeted insight into your life purpose, strengths, skills and weaknesses
  • Real preparation to transform your physical, mental and emotional bodies to be more expansive and resonant with good things
  • Identify patterns in your life that have held you back
  • A proven method to change your pattern and change your life
  • Bring in the new, and push out the old
  • Shift things in your life; get out of the 'being stuck' attitude and out of the gridlock you feel tied down to
  • Clears your physical and ethereal bodies to transcend your gridlock once and for all

See how you can change your body with absolute precision, prepare your mental, physical, and emotional bodies to receive the energy needed to take action, draft out a clear, specific, measurable action list to hit every milestone we create in your customized plan, and to ultimately transform your behavior and life.